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Flexible Furniture You Can Mold To Fit Your Mood


London designer Kirsi Enkovaara took a new look at how we use furniture and the materials they are built from. Kirsi then started working on creating a new idea that provides a totally new experience providing more comfort, no matter what our mood. The Body is part of Kirsi’s thesis work at the Royal College of Art, but is a design everyone would love. The Body is build out of pliable materials that allow you to mold it into almost any position or configuration to fit your current sitting or reclining desires.

Think about all the times you fidget in your chair not being able to find comfortable position. The Body eliminates the problem by letting you mold the chair to fit your desire, instead of you trying to squirm in the chair to get comfortable. As much fun as an adult could have in this chair, imagine the fun your children would have.







Via Web Urbanist and Kirsi Enkovaara