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Flexible Soft Lamp by Simon Frambach


flexible soft lamp simon frambach

You lay down in bed to read for a few minutes. You need both a night light for reading and a pillow to life your head. In the creative mind of Simon Frambach, that combination is one. Simon created a inventive new way to create light and rest by combing polyurethane foam and a lightbulb with a protective cage. The soft white polyurethane foam turns the harsh bright light into a warm glow that you can stuff anywhere. You can tuck the light under  your head and use if as a pillow. Jam the light in a small spot where it stays nestled in place providing you with a little extra light for reading or play.

Simon’s design looks similar to a calabash pumpkin or an over-sized bar light. This is one light that lets you rest or have fun.





Via Simon Frambach