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Fleye Wants To Be The World’s Safest Drone


This holiday season a gift that will surely top Santa’s most popular list is the drone. There are many types of drones on the market to choose from. There are racing drones, trick drones or minidrones, consumer drones (that you can equip a GoPro to), and heavy payload drones (like Amazon’s Prime drone).

As there has been an uproar about the use of drones in public and the many safety concerns associated to people getting potentially injured by drones, a Belgium-based startup has took upon themselves the challenge of building the world’s safest drone.

This latest drone has landed a spot on Kickstarter with its innovative design and engineering with safety in mind. The Fleye might resemble a hovering soccer ball or this highly-sophisticated, camera carrying, one bladed drone also for you to preprogram missions and fly in complete safety if you inadvertently flew it into your friend.

fleye drone specs

Various flying modes include a selfie, panorama, hover, manuel and a preprogrammed mode. Weighing only about a pound, the drone includes an HD camera offering 1080p, 30fps video and 5-megapixel photos. On a single charge, Fleye can fly for 10 minutes and reach speeds of 10mph.

The team behind Fleye is electrical engineer Laurent Eschenauer and Dimitri Arendt. As it is a newly funded project it still has some way to go and if successfully funded can start shipping out orders by September 2016. Though this may not be ideal for this year’s holiday season, definitely put it on the list for next!
Securing your very own drone right now will cost you around $1350 USD which is 40 percent off its expected retail price. [Purchase]