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FYF Socks


Though we must admit that we will never not want to wear shoes as they are an awesome accessory and make walking that much more enjoyable, a Swiss-based company decided that they had an idea that would revolutionize the sock industry. It is hard to tell whether to consider this sock a shoe or vice-versa but we are amazed at the technology that went into this concept.


The FYF Socks wrap your feet in a wool called Dyneema which is protective, abrasion-resistant, hydrophobic, flexible, durable and lightweight. These socks will protect your feet while at the same time offer you comfort and flexibility. The material that these socks are made from are 15 times stronger than steel.

At $50 a pair to early backers, this project definitely seems like a deal. You can order your very own pair post-kickstarter at $80 and expect a January 2016 delivery. [Purchase]