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Geodesic Dome Chair Inspired by Richard Buckminster-Fuller



The Q1 Lounge Chair takes inspiration from the creation of Richard Buckminster-Fuller, using his ideas of using a thin-shell structure and creating dramatic appearance paired with extreme comfort. The geodesic design provides strength even when lightweight materials are used, as in the Q1. The dome design makes an eye-appealing statement in any room, but that is not what will make you fall in love with the chair. Ukrainian designers ODESD2 spent more time on creating comfort. The chairs cushion is created from Hollowfiber filling that provides soft comfort but retains its shape for years. They used felt covering to make sure the chair is comfortable and inviting. The tucked design enhances the geodesic pattern.

The chair’s design allows you to sit up comfortably to read a book, or to just as easily curl up in a ball for a relaxing evening. The Q1 Lounge Chair is priced at $1200.





Via Behance