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12 Greatest Infomercial Products Of All Time


Insomniacs around the globe are going to recognize all 12 of our greatest infomercials of all time. These products glued us to their chairs with their wild claims, capturing our attention, and often making us reach for our wallets.It is interesting the products run through our biggest desires, whether it is weight loss, looking better, or slamming down the greatest hamburger of all time. How do we know it would be the greatest hamburger? Because George Foreman told us so. And who could possibly argue against an acne product pimped by Justin Bieber (who acts like he still needs it), Jessica Simpson, and Adam Levine.

Who could argue with fitness products hyped by Suzanne Somers or Tony Little. And no matter what product it was, if it was being hyped by the late great Billy Mays.

1. George Foreman Grills – Fat Free Grilling (Then how did he get so big?)


We must admit that around 7 years ago we bought this product and absolutely loved it! The idea of cooking on a grill, in the house, and having all the juices dripping down and help cutting back on all that fatty liquid was great! At the end of the day, we missed all those juices and hated the whole hassle of cleaning that grill so we decided to retire this product even though it worked great.via Amazon