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8 Healthy Habits of Mentally Strong And Emotionally Intelligent People


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade or you can choose to be sour and bitter. As life is not always a smooth upward slope like we would like it to always be, we are constantly faced with obstacles, hurdles, challenges and decisions. Some of these obstacles require reflection, patience and emotional intelligence. It is important to always try and see the positive even in the worst of circumstances to help you strive for greatness and growth. Just like people aren’t born being capable of running a marathon, our physical strength can be developed to help us achieve are goals with practice and repetition. Same like our physical strength, our mental has the same incredible capabilities if properly exercised on the daily. Creating healthy habits in decision making and ways of living your life will not improve your quality of life but will also help you make smarter, more informed decisions that will positively impact your life.

As many of us look to successful people and professional for guidance, there are many things we can learn from those people who are mentally strong. Here is a comprehensive list of healthy habits, that you will see, totally makes sense, that mentally strong people do daily to flex their mental muscle.

1. They Constantly Practice Emotional intelligence


We could not stress this any more! From the wise words that my father constantly preaches to me, emotional intelligence is the cornerstone to mental toughness. When presented with an obstacle, problem or even simply a tough decision, it is important to stop, relax, and use your emotional intelligence before making any rash decision. Negative emotions when something goes wrong is invasive, overpowering and is incredibly crippling. It is hard to think logically when faced with a negative issue. The best way to practice emotional intelligence is to really take a step back and think of the positive in every negative. So when faced with an important decision or choice, you can think clearer thoughts. It is also fundamental to not dwell on the negative of any situation because when has thinking negatively about something ever bring something positive to the table.