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10 Proven Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is a completely natural product that has been gaining a ton of buzz throughout the holistic health world for its incredible natural properties that benefit our health tremendously.

According to the Coconut Research Center, a smear campaign was created in 1986 by the American Soybean Association to diminish the sales of coconut oil as it was a “tropical” oil and to reduce their competition.

Nowadays, coconut oil is absolutely everywhere you look. It is used in creams, cooking sprays, sunscreen, and in so many delicious recipes. The truth is that coconut oil benefits the human body more than any other oils do. It has only been the last decade or so that scientists, nutritionists, and chefs have been increasingly including coconut oil as it contains benefits that can impact our health positively. If you have your doubts, be sure to check out this list of coconut oil benefits, you might just change your outlook on it forever.

1. Coconut oil is ideal for longer nails, cuticle care and nail fungus

Along with the many health benefits that we will be outlining about coconut oil, this miracle product also has proven to help get longer nails, helps with cuticle care as well as unwanted nail fungus.


Coconut oil and a healthy diet, can actually enhance any nail growth and promote nail health. The ideal way to use coconut oil on your nails is to take some extra virgin coconut oil and massage your hands and nails in a circular motion. Take advantage of this moment to also rub your cuticles as the nutrients in the coconut oil will hydrate your skin and help promote healthier skin and cuticles. Like nail care, simply rub some coconut oil on your feet, where fungus might be present and repeat twice a day for a couple days and notice a quick difference as the fungus vanishes. You will be pleasantly surprised as this natural home remedy using coconut oil will do wonders for your skin.