The Hidden Street of Porto Alegre Brazil is Probably the Most Beautiful Street in the World



Rua Goncalo de Carvalho has been called the most beautiful street in the world, but we feel it might be more appropriate to claim it is the best camouflaged street in the world. This magnificent street in Porto Alegre is surrounded by rosewood trees which have grown to tower over the streets closing above the street to completely obscure it from view. At street level, you feel as if you are driving in a long tunnel of greenery, the light dimmed by the thick branches and leaves above. From the sky, the street appears as a forest of trees winding through the city, with no glimpse there are cars, people, and activity lurking below.

It is rare in any major city to see this volume of trees, but it is even more unusual to see them covering a street instead of isolated in a park. Beauty provided by Mother Nature and preserved by the citizens of Porto Alegre.

Photo above Photo by Adalberto Cavalcanti.


Photo by Adalberto Cavalcanti.


Photo by Hostel Portotche.


Photo by Roberto Filho.

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