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Why You Should Never Drink Water After Eating Hot Peppers


We truly enjoy spicy foods regardless of how hard it is for us to digest. The American Chemical Society has released a video explaining exactly why your mouth feels like it’s on fire when eating spicy foods. So what is it specifically in spicy food that makes it just so darn spicy? The main component is the molecule called capsaicin, which is found primarily in the tissue of a number of hot peppers and binds to pain receptors in our mouth. This in turn, stimulates our brain into coordinating a response designed to get this invading substance out of our body as quickly as possible. Therefore, people experience symptoms of steamy eyes, runny nose, and the terrible sweats.

There is even a scale to measure the intensity experienced with our responses called the Scoville scale. an immediate solution to help naturally recover our senses upon the intake of a Ghost Pepper for example would be to consume a non-polar substance to dissolve the capsaicin in. This includes milk that contains molecules such as fat and protein called casein, which are ideal for removing capsaicin from the pain receptors in the mouth.

Learn more by watching this insightful video below.