This Realistic Street Mural Of Humans Defying Gravity Will Make You Look Twice



Glancing up at the side of the building, you see a group of young men playfully exercising and walking on the wall. No, they are not suspended from ropes, In reality, they are not even real, but  you will believe they are. Artist Anders Gjennestad used his trademark layered stencil process to create images that appear to leap from the wall and which interact with their own shadows. The trouble is those shadows do not really exist since the entire piece if flat on the wall.

The stunning 3D imagery almost forces people to walk closer to the building to check and see if the pieces stand away from the wall or are actually flat imagery. How close will you need to approach before you shake your head in wonderment at the artistry of Anders Gjennestad?





Via Street Art News and Anders Gjennestad