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Hydrofloors Movable Swimming Pool Floor



You walk into the beautiful meeting room admiring the beautiful granite tile floors. An hour later you walk back into the same room and find a dozen people in swimsuits playing in an enormous beautiful pool. You turn around looking to make sure you are in the same place even though you are certain you are. This is the magic of the movable floors from HydroFloors. A single room can function as an incredible swimming room and in just minutes turn into a meeting room, dance hall, or dining room. What makes HydroFloors most amazing is the quality and invisibility the floors provide. The floors can be designed to mesh into the room making it almost impossible to tell there is a swimming pool hidden beneath the floor.

HydroFloors can help turn the large room fitted with an indoor swimming pool into a massive multi-purpose room. Perfect for your luxurious home or a business retreat.




Via IIHIH and HydroFloors