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IFixIt Pro Tech Toolkit


Long are the days of needing an extended hardware warranty and having to go to a specialty repair shop to fix your favorite gadgets. The new IFixIt Pro Tech Toolkit features a satisfying amount of tools such as a 64 Bit Driver Kit, Anti-Static Wrist Strap, Small Suction Cup, iFixit Opening tool and picks, Nylon Tipped Reverse Tweezers, Angled and Blunt ESD Tweezers, a Spudger and Metal Spudger, a Jimmy, Magnetic Pad and Tool Roll.

After reading that extensive list, you just want to break something and try to fix it again now don’t you! Retailing for around $65, you too can be a Mr IFixIt and repair guru with this tool set. For those who are still a little reluctant to try and fix something themselves, check out the IFixIt Forums for some insightful tips and tricks to fix things that seem difficult but aren’t! [Purchase]