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Ingenious Mushroom Shaped Lamp Can’t Be Knocked Over, Ever


mushroom lamp

Do you remember the clever marketing slogan for the Weebles toys? “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” The same can be said for the Mushroom Lamp designed by Nick Rennie and offered by Ligne Roset. If you knock the lamp over, it just stands back up. The bottom has a rounded surface that is weighted to force the lamp to stand back up. The lamp is built of durable materials that can even withstand a drop to the floor from a bedside stand. Most amazingly, when it hits the floor, it will stand, quickly become motionless, and just keep working. The appearance of the Mushroom Lamp is intriguing with its rounded shape, translucent look, and curving lines.

While the Mushroom Lamp may never win awards for best looking lamp, it should win awards for being ingenious. Imagine having these lamps in the kids bedrooms and playrooms to avoid broken lamps and lamps laying on the floor, their bulbs melting a hole in the carpet.




Via Nick Rennie and French manufacturer Ligne Roset