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18 Insane Accidents That Occurred During Film Productions


The time, effort, money and talent that is required to create a big budget film is sometimes enormous. Big budget films include some of the world’s most talented sound technicians, stunt doubles, actors, directors, 3d animators and crews. All these elements come together to create an incredible piece of art that is watched by millions of people around the world. While most of us seem to think that film production and stunts go flawlessly, you are terribly mistaken. Some film productions experience unbelievable accidents and tragedies. Problems happen on a set when animals misbehave, stunt doubles make a mistake, or even when actors make a wrong step. Many of us seem to forget the risks involved in film production, when watching a great movie from the comfort and safety of our own home. Here are some of the craziest accidents that ever happened while on set.

1. Twilight Zone: The Movie


The 1983 sci-fi/horror classic known as the Twilight Zone was the collaborated work of four directors who remade four episodes from the very popular television series, “The Twilight Zone”. In this movie rendition of the popular television show, the episodes are updated and have color added to them to help captivate the audience and turn the already bizarre stories into disturbing ones.

During the filming of a scene that was based around a Vietnam battle, a helicopter accidentally span out of control and crashed. The rotors then flew off the aircraft and decapitated Vic Morrow and child actors My-ca Dinh Le and Renee Shin-Yi Chen. After this horrific and tragic scene, the film’s director John Landis was sent to trial for the unfortunate events. After proper investigation, the jury believed that the director had no intention of putting the actors in harms way and that it was all a tragic accident.