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Listen To This Incredible New Instrument That Raised Over $240,000 Within Hours



Kickstarter is an incredible crowdfunding platform that people are able to feature innovative new projects. Some projects are truly revolutionary like the Instrument 1 by Artiphon. This project, in our opinion, can revolutionize the way artists make music and will also allow people to use multiple instruments at a much lower cost.

Mike Butera who earned his doctorate in sound studies at Virginia Tech invented the Instrument 1, after realizing that what was missing from modern instrumentation was a multi-use instrument that anyone could use and for any purpose at all. 4 years ago his Nashville-based team at Artiphon started putting together a few concepts they had and just recently launched their project on kickstarter after years of research, hard work and determination to change the instrument industry.


“We chose the name INSTRUMENT 1 partly because we want people to approach it as a blank creative canvas,” Butera wrote Mic. “Software lets you make any sound, but hardware instruments tend to do just one thing. It’s either a keyboard, a guitar, a DJ controller, etc. We envision musical multi-instruments that can flexibly adapt to however you want to play.”

You can strum a guitar, bow a violin, tap a piano, or even loop a beat on a single instrument. The Instrument 1 connects directly to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You are able to plug in and play 100’s of apps like GarageBand with universal musical gestures: strumming, tapping, bowing, sliding, and more. The digital string-like interface works with any MIDI-compatible software.


The unique ergonomic design can be held in multiple positions, and is fully ambidextrous. You are also to get really creative and design new instruments and custom tunings via the Artiphon companion app.



If you would like to get your very own Instrument 1 and support the project please take a moment to visit their Kickstarter page here.