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Jenga-Like Table Transforms To Meet Your Needs


jenga table

Imagine a table that changed to meet your needs and desires in seconds. Picture it being so easy to change the tables configuration that it is easier than playing a game of Jenga. The PixelTable is made of square wood sticks that you can push and shove to reconfigure the table to give you storage spaces, extra tabletop areas, or a tiny bookshelf. The table looks link an over-sized Jenga game, except all the sticks run the same direction. PixelTable was designed by Studio Intussen and would make a great addition to any family room, kids room, or the den of a playful adult.


The only challenge with the PixelTable will be keeping your kids from constantly redoing your masterpiece configurations, but who cares? In just moments you can put it all back in place ready for them to destroy again.



Via Studio Intussen