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Kast Concrete knobs Give Your Home An Industrial Edge



Giving your home a manly touch requires balancing keeping it stylish for your the women in the home, while getting tough for your own taste. Kast Concrete’s new doorknobs let you bring in the manly feel of concrete, but still have a stylish shape that makes it hard for the women to say no. Amazingly, the concrete doorknobs come in an array of shapes and designs that are only matched by glass or resin based doorknobs. You can select from faceted, notched, or traditional shapes. The Concrete doorknobs add a heft to the door that is unmatched by anything except heavy metal knobs.

You may be surprised by the low cost for Kast’s doorknobs with prices starting at $15.97. If your significant other balks at the idea of raw concrete knobs, keep in mind that you paint the knobs any color you desire.




Via Cool Material and Kast Concrete