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Kishu Sketched Reality by Maya Selway


kishu maya selway

Look closer at these photographs of the work of Maya Selway. At first glance it appears Maya is an accomplished artist using a pen and paper, with a touch of simplicity to her work. When you look closer you notice these are not sketches, but are real pieces created from oxidized copper. The oxidized copper looks like ink or pencil lead when standing in front of a white background. The Kishu collection is a series of pieces that are created with a “half there” design. Maya creates the pieces with an unfinished appearance similar to the sketches and drawings of many artists. The base is created to counter balance the weight of the sculpture being only half complete. These incredible works are so dramatically different and unique that they have caught the attention of judges in several competitions winning awards for superior interior design concepts.

You can see more of Maya Selway’s objects and jewelry creations on her website.




Via DeZeen and Maya Selway