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Korora House by Daniel Marshall Architects


korora house daniel marshall architects

Hidden on a remote ridge overlooking the ocean on Waiheke Island in Auckland, New Zealand is a house that is astounding. The home created by Daniel Marshall Architects was designed to flow with the landscape instead of battling against it. The home appears to barely peek above the rocky ridge, but that is an illusion. The home is not a tiny home hidden in a crevace, but luxurious large home that embraces the geography instead. Marshall Architects combined masonry inspired by the gun batteries at Stoney Batter, along with cedar and plywood. The inspiration for the wood comes from weekend visitors who left behind wooden remnants of their journey and play to the island. The home has large courtyards at both ends to use for relaxation and entertaining, but the real highlight of the home is found inside.

The home uses an open interior and plentiful glass to allow the homeowners to see the beautiful landscape surrounding them, but still have the privacy they desire. The home opens to green grass yard looking down on the ocean providing even more dramatic viewing and relaxation. You can explore more of the home on the Daniel Marshall site.









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