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Life’s Unexpected Twists and Turns – Our Engagement Story


When you are in a relationship for over five years with that very special someone, the obvious next step is to seal the deal. Two years ago I knew my current girlfriend was the one for me. We weren’t just compatible but connected on every level. That feeling you get when you have the outmost trust in your companion is something that is priceless. Now, I had to figure out how I would propose…

I was working online for several years and had saved up a nice nest egg and figured that she would be the perfect person to help me shop for my very first apartment, as I knew this would also be our first place together. We met with an agent and started booking appointments to see condos in our desired areas. Prices were high, interest rates were favorable, but we just needed to find that right place for us. First impressions when walking into a place were critical to us.

With countless unsuccessful visits we finally found the perfect place for us. Top floor condo, overlooking the city with a killer balcony! Everything we always wanted but the price was just too high.

After submitting our first offer that quickly got rejected, I took some time to go shopping for a ring and was just waiting for the perfect way to ask her to marry me. I told my agent that I had a good feeling about this place and that we shouldn’t give up on it. I had a budget in mind and said, if it were meant to be, it would happen.

A few weeks later I boarded a plane to New York City for business, I get a call from my agent telling us we received a counter offer, still too high, but regardless, it was a good sign. I told my agent to come back at our maximum price and so he did, saying that I was crazy at the same time, as it was below market value. I knew it would be along shot asking such a lowball offer, but life is full of unimaginable surprises. I couldn’t stress more how important it is to stay positive and think to your self; if it was meant to be it would happen. A few hours later, I get a call telling me that my offer was accepted and the condo was mine. My lowball offer that my agent laughed at was accepted? I was ecstatic and shocked all at the same time.

This somewhat of a frustrating experience dealing with the seller gave me a perfect idea of how I would ask my girlfriend to marry me. I knew she loved the apartment, I knew she didn’t know we bought it as I was in New York City, at the time, why not keep it that way. I met with the selling agent, told them to let me visit the apartment one last time with my girlfriend to see if we wanted it. (of course they were in on the proposal and I already signed for the place)

Arriving there that evening, I was more excited than nervous to get down on one knee and ask her to marry me. We looked around the apartment and told her that if it was meant to be, this place would be ours. Then out of nowhere, got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said Yes! As we proceeded to walk out the door of the apartment I turned around and showed her the keys and told her that the apartment was ours. What an incredible adventure that was.

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