Incredibly Psychedelic Light Paintings Aren’t Even Photoshopped


light tackyshack

Jeremy, aka Tackyshack, is on a one-man mission to redefine the art of light painting and as we can see in these examples, he is doing a great job. Tackyshack’s work often uses the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia as his backdrop, since it the place he calls home. Jeremy spends numerous hours painting with lights in front of a low exposure camera to create these incredible images. Every line and dot of light seen in the images are created by hand, not with the use of Photoshop of other manipulation programs. The extreme detail of the images requires intensive planning and fast work to produce the images and just as importantly to keep himself out of the image.

You can view more of the work of Tackyshack on Flickr, or watch as Jeremy produces his magic on YouTube.








Via Gizmodo Sploid, Flickr, and YouTube