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Luna Compact 360-Degree Camera


The progress with new camera technology is quite outstanding. If you are looking to get into the latest and greatest and start shooting in virtual reality, you will need to get your hands on a 360-degree video camera. There are various options to do so using either a GoPro on a special rig or invest in a single device which ends up costing much less.

If you are looking to get started quickly and affordably, this Indiegogo project for a camera called Luna is your best bet. The Luna is around the size of a pool ball and is easy to transport wherever you go. It features a 190-degree fish-eye lens technology meaning that there is no moving parts within the device, and ensuring that the device remains sturdy no matter what the situation. The Luna is also waterproof and comes with gyro-stabilization, for those looking for steady videos without the grief. Within this pool ball sized camera is also built-in WiFi so that all the footage you captured can be easily viewed on your smartphone or tablet. Priced at only $299 for this Indiegogo campaign, this is a terrific entry point for this quality of camera. Watch the video below to see some additional information on the device. [Purchase]