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Magnificent House in Ashdod, Israel



Sometimes the most important feature of a house is its WOW factor, and without a doubt the House in Ashdod created by Zahavi Architects has plenty of WOW and curb appeal, but that is not what impresses us the most. The home was built for a family with children, and even though it has a clean white appearance, there is no doubt the home provides a fun experience for all. The unique exterior gives the home a feeling of playfulness and glamour perfect for a family. The interior is spacious with wide open spaces and plenty of natural lighting for wild play time and study. The upstairs hosts a private area with bedrooms for three children, the master bedroom with private bath, a children’s bathroom, a smaller more intimate family room, and even a laundry area to avoid hauling clothes up and own the stairs.

The feature that grabs the attention of kids first is the beautiful swimming pools outside which is overlooked by two floor of glass walls making it a perfect place for parties spilling from the indoors to the pool side. An amazing home design for a family.







Architects: Zahavi Architects
Location: Ashdod, Israel
Design Team: Yehuda Zahavi, Eliaou Zahavi, Daniel Ohana,Moshe Guez
Year: 2012
Photographs: Shai Epstein
Practical Engineer : Marcella Zohar, Limor Goldfarb
Construction Eng. : Dimitri Shmokler

Via Zahavi Architects