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Master of Disaster Eyal Gever


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Eyal Gever has a fascination with disaster. The more powerful and cataclysmic the event the more worthy it is of his attention and recreation in his art studio. Eyal’s work on large scale layered sculptures like the Nuclear Bomb, Large Scale Smoke, and Street Blast, have you staring in horror and awe at his creations. It is when you step the side of the pieces that you become even more amazed at the lifelike works. The creations use layers to produce a 3D realism, with each thin layer hung about an inch apart. The effect from the front is amazing. The layers provide depth, shadows, and realism to these horrific creations by Eyal Gever.

Is Gever’s artwork isolated to major disasters? Not at all! Sometimes he creates sculptures of buses crashing into walls, two roaring columns of water crashing into each other, or a head-on collision between two trucks. Even though the creations are based on disaster, the artistic creations cause a sense of wonder and thought.





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