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Matador Surface, Portable Work Surface Multitool


If you are handy around the house, office or car, you undoubtedly have a set of tools present wherever you go. Fixing things doesn’t come without its spills, dust, and debris. Tools are and screws are dropped and lost. Rubble from fixing a hole in the wall may cover the surface of your floor. Or you might require getting down and dirty under your vehicle for a quick fix. Don’t sweat the small stuff anymore because this incredibly useful Matador Surface is the ideal portable work surface multitool for all your indoor or outdoor needs.

Made from ultra-durable composite material, it is ideal to catch gas, oil, grease and even water. It comes with a handy hardware trap to safely stow your bolts. It folds to a lightweight and portable size of 7.5″x4.75″x1.75″ and opens up to a useful 58″x36″. And just in case you might need measuring marks, protractor, bottle opener or simply helping folding it back into itself, it comes with handy tools and instructions on the mat itself. This is probably the best $60 you can spend for that handy loved one this Holiday season. [Purchase]