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Mayfair House by Squire and Partners


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Imagine the challenge of building a new house sandwiched between 18th century buildings in Mayfair, UK. How can you create a home that fits into the surrounding neighborhood, but make it unique, vibrant, and attention grabbing? Squire and Partners took a unique approach to this question by looking around the area and combining ideas into a new unique concept. The Mayfair House flows into the 18th century surrounding thanks to its own 18th century facade, but do not let that fool you. The exterior of the home is stunningly different. In the same neighborhood, the designers discovered a home covered with a Virginia Creeper Plant, and a new concept was born. Instead of waiting years for a plant to grow, Squire and Partners used 4080 folded aluminum leaves to create a facade like no other in the world. The front of the home sparkles in bronze glory, but perfectly flows with the surrounding homes.

Squire and Partners created an amazing blend of old concepts and new ideas to create a home that is unique and in balance with a neighborhood.








Via DeZeen and Squire and Partners