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Menswear Dog Model Pulling In $15,000 Per Month Salary


menswear dog

Fashion expert Bodhi is making a cool $15,000 per month as one of the hottest models around. Imagine making $15,000 month for a few hours per month of hanging out at the park wearing cool clothes. Now imagine, that instead of it being you, it was your dog. That’s right, Bodhi is not human, he is the amazing Menswear Dog who has pulled down jobs from American Apparel, ASOS, and Ted Baker. Menswear Dog is a 5 year old Shiba Inu with a laughing grin, or a toothy snarl, that is ready to help top clothing lines show off their apparel. The owners have trained Bodhi to pose and strut in more style than most top priced male models.

Next time you start trying to figure out a way to make a little extra cash, just turn to your dog. Of course, if it is anything like most dogs, it will just lay down on the floor waiting for you to get out the treats.

Via HypeBeast and Menswear Dog on Tumblr