Modern Beko Masterplan Features an Overwhelming Area of 94,000 Square Meters – Indulgd

Modern Beko Masterplan Features an Overwhelming Area of 94,000 Square Meters



The curving lines, rising and falling roof, and modern materials make the Beko Masterplan one of Zaha Hadid’s most ambitious plans to date. The Beko Masterplan is designed to fit into the modern architectural styles of modern day Belgrade. One glance at the design renderings generated immediate intrigue among a very elite and daring group of people, Urban Explorers and Skateboarders. The undulating lines and flowing roof line look like the ultimate skateboarding challenge and equally alluring hike for urban explorers. The circular ends provide beautiful areas for protected courtyards to keep a touch of nature nearby. The buildings size is almost overwhelming at 94,000 square meters.

The beautiful design beckons all to come visit, but we still wonder how they plan to keep the most adventurous people from riding the concrete waves.






Via DesignBoom and Zaha Hadid Architects

architect: zaha hadid architects
design: zaha hadid with patrik schumacher
project director: christos passas
project associate: bozana komljenovic
project architect: reza esmaeeli
design team coordination: zetta kotsioni, carine posner
bim coordination: rory mactague, adam atraktzi
design team: veronika ilinskaya, alexandra fisher, raul forsoni, jose luis de melo cadilhe, tomasz starczewski, hendrik rupp, andri shalou,
carlos luna, chrysi fradellou, elina chatzichronoglou, barbara bochnak, thomas frings
local architect: zapp doo
smep and façade consultant: arup
vertical transport: arup
hotel consultant: e.p.r. architects
sustainability and energy: enplus
cost consultant: davis langdon