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Modern Masonry – Concrete Blends With Wood Creating Comfortable Living



If your architect suggested building your home with concrete walls, floors, and stairs, you would probably start looking for a new architect. Concrete is perceived as cold, dull, and uninviting. Luciano Kruk has proven all of those theories are wrong, very wrong. Luciano used board formed concrete to create this home, giving it the appearance of wood but with the durability and security of concrete. He then took the wooden planks used to form the concrete and reused them to build fabulous decks, porches, and steps on the exterior of the home.

Inside, Luciano Kruk finished the wood textured concrete walls with a light sealing stain that gives them the appearance of wood, but at only a fraction of the cost. The structure used construction techniques that blur the lines between a minimalist concrete building and an elegant natural wood escape. One glance at these pictures and you may be suggesting your architect use concrete, too.





Via Dornob and Luciano Kruk
Special thanks to the very talented architects at BAK Architects