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Meet the Modular Micro Apartments That Are The Future of NYC



Having the luxury of living in a specious New York apartment is getting more and more rare. They ain’t making any more land and what is left on the realestate market is unaffordable. This might all change with an incredible new project that will involve the construction of affordable micro apartments. The nine-storey project in Kips Bay will feature 55 units of under 370 square feet and 10 foot ceilings. Though quite small, it might make the perfect pad for any of you who live alone.



With New York’s population increasing every year, this new way of living and construction might change the realestate economy forever.


This micro-apartment project was actually the winning proposal of a city-sponsored competition that had a goal of creating an innovative housing solution.

This plan was the result of a collaboration between the design firm nARCHITECTS and Monadnock Development. It involves building and assembling each of these mini micro units off-site, then stacking them up individually like a Lego tower.

The benefits of such a project means – cheaper housing costs, quicker construction, and efficiently build housing.



All of these 55 units are currently being built in the Capsys Corporation’s specialized warehouse across the river at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.



Besides the affordability of these unit, the building will feature a 1500 square foot garden and a 1500 square foot patio on the roof.

Special thanks to Capsys Corporation / nARCHITECTS / Monadnock Development / Images via Mir.No