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Moncler The Rollings Stone Capsule Collection Jackets


Its that time of the year again where you can’t just spring out of your front door without grabbing a warm winter jacket. For those of you who can justify spending a lot of hard-earned money on a warm winter jacket, the latest capsule collection from the premium-made jacket brand Moncler will surely be a head-turner.

Moncler who seem to be huge Rolling Stones fans are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the hit rock and roll band with an outerwear capsule collection for spring 2016. The line will have four padded leather winter jackets featuring The Rolling Stones’ iconic logo. Choose from a trendy looking bomber jacket, biker, blazer, and even a version looking like a dress shirt of the down-insulated jacket. These four trendy-looking Moncler leather winter jackets will ensure that you are the coolest cat at the office. [Purchase]