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Monster Skin Rugs by Joshua Ben Longo


Monster Skin Rug by Joshua Ben Longo

Bear skin rugs in front of the fireplace are so outdated. You need to update your room to the new style of thinking and decorating and go with a Monster Skin Rug instead. Joshua Ben Longo conjured up a unique way to decorate your family room or to add some real personality to your kids’ rooms. These Monster Skin Rugs are created out of pieces of wool felt material and a polymer clay. The wild looking monster fur and massive white teeth will bring giggles of delight from kids and adults. The rugs are 36 inches wide and 50 inches long. Each rug is handcrafted by Longo, which means each rug is a unique one of a kind creation. You can choose between off-white and grey, but be forewarned, the color vary depending on which roll of monster skin felt is used.

These fascinating rugs sell for $2500 through Joshua’s store on the Big Cartel.







Via Longoland on Big Cartel