Mosaic 8-Bit Designs by Juliana Chuan

mosaic 8-bit designs

Do you love those old 8-bit games with their clunky graphics and exciting game play? Juliana Chuan loved them and decided it was time to immortalize them in true 8-bit fashion, but with a twist. Instead of creating her artwork on paper or on a computer she built it on the side of houses. She took tiny mosaic tiles and created incredible reproductions of the Pac-Man characters and the Mario Brothers characters to adorn the home.

These cool designs are busy playing the game right on the side of the house bringing back great memories of game play and our beginning fascination with high-tech games. 8-bit colors may be a thing of the past, but our love of these characters can live on through Juliana Chuan’s creations.








Via PxlByte