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Nemo Special Ops 100M Drill


Nemo has taken your already heavy-duty and effective DeWalt powertools to a whole new level with their latest Nemo Special Ops Drill. This drill is made for extreme conditions and scenarios and is catered to professionals who really push their powertools to the limit. The Nemo Special Ops Drill has a depth rating of up to 100m and a salt-water resistant all-black paint job for maximal camouflage. Its 1000-watt brushless technology offers maximum durability and efficiency. The drill comes with its own pressure valve and pump to pressurize the drill when drilling at depth and two 6Ah batteries to make sure you have enough power for any job. This Special Ops edition comes with accessories ranging from a diving headlamp, carrying case, diving tool belt and a waterproof bag used for carrying your battery charger or other bits and pieces you might need. This behemot of a power tool will run you around $1700 USD and in our books, is totally worth the street cred. [Purchase]