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NuDown’s Inflatable Climate Control Jackets Allows You To Set Your Ideal Temperature



Cold one minute and hot the next? If you are out on a long hike in the fall or spring and want a jacket or vest that can adjust to your desired temperature look no further. With NuDown’s line of inflatable jackets and vests you now have total control of your internal thermostat. With an easy squeezing of a pump, you are able to control the amount of air that buffers in your jackets insolation thus, regulating your temperature.



NuDown recommends:
– 20 pumps for slightly cold temperature
– 40 pumps for brutal cold temperature

If it is really cold you can interestingly enough substitute regular air for Argon gas that should be able to add additional insulation.

Unlike down fill, NuDown’s garments are designed to stay warm even when exposed to wetness. To sweeten the deal and if you are not already sold on how NuDown is absolutely awesome – an independent testing by Kansas State University’s thermal-research facility rated the firm’s argon-inflated gear with a higher clothing-insulation value than down jackets with a similar fit and function.

“NuDown is changing the way consumers think about insulation,” says Bob Hall, CEO of NuDown, in a press release. “Our patented NuTech inflation technology gives outdoor devotees the ability to control their body climate, depending on changing weather conditions or their level of activity.”

NuDown’s fall collection comes in three different styles for men and women. Each piece features weather-resistant Polartec stretch nylon, a bamboo-charcoal lining for wicking and odor control, and critically taped seams.




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