NYC Skyway Will Take You From Brooklyn to Manhattan in 4 Minutes – Indulgd

NYC Skyway Will Take You From Brooklyn to Manhattan in 4 Minutes



Traffic snarls and overloaded subways have pushed the Burroughs of New York City to search for new ideas to alleviate traffic. The East River Skyway proposal aims to take the traffic from below ground and on the ground towards the sky. The design adds a series of sky gondolas to transport riders between Brooklyn and Manhattan. The gondolas are very similar to to large ski lift gondolas used at popular ski resorts. There are several different routes under consideration, with a route from Williamsburg to Delancey being the most discussed option. The trip between locations will only take 4 minutes, making it the fastest route available.

Which path would you choose, going underground with the mind-numbing walls of the subway, or the East River Skyway that lets you see the city skyline, the sun, and the East River below? The Skyway could quickly become another attraction for tourists making the trip into Manhattan.






Via Web Urbanist and East River Skyway