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Organic Skyscraper Grows From the Garbage of Occupants


organic skyscraper

Think about piles of trash produced in office buildings every day. The amounts of paper, drink bottles, and other plastics which are discarded is overwhelming. Agence Chartier Corbasson’s architecture firm has proposed a new way to build office skyscraper that will eliminate the bulk of the trash by using it to build the building. The Organic Skyscraper begins its life as a simple skeleton built from tubed steel beams. The walls are then built from panels made completely from recycled paper and plastic. Eighty drink bottles, or 75 kilograms of paper, are used to make a single building panel used to enclose the building. The equipment used to manufacture the panels resides on the top floor of the building and moves upward with each added floor.


The tubular design is used to capture the wind to create energy for the facility, plus it provides fresh air ventilation on demand. The entire concept reduces energy usage, deals with recycling, and grows organically as trash is created. Now we just need to find out if London is ready to build a skyscraper out of trash.




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