What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Drinking Habits?


+-*What? You do not believe that your horoscope will define your drinking habits. We agree it might be a bit wild to believe it, but you still read your horoscope everyday, don’t you? Instead of arguing whether your zodiac sign controls your drinking habits, just take a look and see how close of a match […]

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Hexagonal Honey Spoon Brings Honey Back to the Honeycomb


+-*Italian designer Miriam Mirri is always looking for ways to integrate the beauty of the world into the most mundane things in our lives. Miriam took the simple concept of a honey spoon and turned it into a functional work of art that celebrates the origin of the honey. The Hexagonal Honey Spoon is designed […]

NYC Skyway Will Take You From Brooklyn to Manhattan in 4 Minutes


+-*Traffic snarls and overloaded subways have pushed the Burroughs of New York City to search for new ideas to alleviate traffic. The East River Skyway proposal aims to take the traffic from below ground and on the ground towards the sky. The design adds a series of sky gondolas to transport riders between Brooklyn and […]

Kast Concrete knobs Give Your Home An Industrial Edge


+-*Giving your home a manly touch requires balancing keeping it stylish for your the women in the home, while getting tough for your own taste. Kast Concrete’s new doorknobs let you bring in the manly feel of concrete, but still have a stylish shape that makes it hard for the women to say no. Amazingly, […]

15 Things Couples Should Do Before They Move In Together


+-*Are you on the fast track to moving in with each other? It may be time to slam on the brakes, at least until you have worked through these 15 important things all couples should do before shacking up. 1. Figure out at least one reason you are going to move in together besides finances and […]

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Starbucks Coffee Company Brews Up Controversy With New Dress Code


+-*Starbucks employees are outraged with a new company policy instructing them to leave rings, watches, and bracelets with stones at home. The new ruling includes wedding rings, engagement rings, promise rings and other sentimental jewelry with stones. Starbucks made the decision to prevent endangering their customers if a stone fell into a cup of coffee […]

Crest Halloween Commercial Shows Full Effect of Candy on Kids

crest halloween

+-*Crest Brand Toothpaste released the most honest Halloween commercial of all time this season. Crest Toothpaste can protect our kids teeth from those bags full of Halloween candy, but what are the other effects? Crest brought in a group of kids to find out. They unleashed them in a playroom while providing them with more […]