14 National Geographic 2014 Photo Contest Entries That Will Blow Your Mind


+-*This year’s National Geographic Photo Contest is coming to a close with a cutoff date of October 31. The entries in this year’s contest illustrate once again why National Geographic is recognized as the magazine that documents the world. The contest is broken down into 3 categories, people, places, and nature. The stunning images vary […]

Nike Salutes LeBron James and Cleveland As City Comes Together


+-*Nike recognized instantly that LeBron James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers is not just a basketball moment. It is a moment in history that is drawing the city and the Cavaliers together like never before. Nike’s Together video salutes LeBron, the Cavaliers, and the city in a heart warming tribute. The video shows how the […]

All The Terrifying Horror Movie Children In One Daycare

horror movie daycare

+-*You are probably posting pictures of your kids in their Halloween costumes to Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram right now from their daycare Halloween event. Have you ever wondered where all of those kids in our favorite horror movies go to daycare and preschool. Of course, there are days our own daycare teachers probably feel like […]

Netflix Sends Animated GIF’s To The Streets In New Ad Campaign


+-*Animated GIF’s have been around for years on the internet, but have never found a home in advertising outside of those flashy internet banner ads. Netflix teamed with Ogilvy & Mather Advertising to take animated GIF’s to their street advertising campaign. They created 100 new outdoor signs that feature animated GIF’s using clips from their […]

15 Habits That Healthy Couples Share Together


+-*There are both positive and negative habits in every part of our lives and nowhere is that more pronounced than in our relationships. Following are 15 of the most powerful habits of healthy couples. 1. Giving without expecting anything in return. You give him a massage and the thought of getting anything in return never […]

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