Brent Sims’ Grave Shivers Terrorizes You In Just 13 Minutes


Most horror movies drag on for 2 hours taking us through moments of tension, fear, and drama. Brent Sims has managed to accomplish the same thing in his 13 minute short Grave Shivers, which takes us through three gruesome chapters featuring adults and children in extremely macabre moments filled with unexpected twists and turns. If […]

This Video Captures The Artistry of Extracting Giant Marble Blocks

extracting giant marble blocks

Who could have imagined the hard work of extracting giant marble blocks from a quarry required such precision and artistry. Italian filmmaker Yuri Ancarani traveled to the marble quarries at Carrara, Italy to capture the magic in action. Watch as the quarry boss directs the large equipment operators and equipment with hand motions that would make […]

Air New Zealand’s Epic Safety Video Is A Must See!

air new zealand safety video

Air New Zealand previously released the most epic airline safety video of all time, but that was not good enough. This time they called Sir Peter Jackson and Hobbit notables to create a new safety film that takes epic to an all new level. Two Middle Earth fans arrive at the last minute to catch […]

Two Legs Chair Provides Bearable Discomfort


Would you ever buy a chair that has just two legs? You might if it looks as stunning as the Two Legs Chair created by Benoit Malta, especially if you understand his logic. The chair is built in an artistic style that resembles an beautiful Japanese letter. The wood chair is beautiful to look at […]

7 Facebook Statuses That Must Stop Right Now

facebook statuses need to stop

They drag you in. They stop you in your tracks. They usually mean nothing at all. These 6 kinds of Facebook statuses drive us all crazy and have to stop right now. Just stop it. 1. The Cliffhanger… Say What You Need To Say Already “My sister called, and now I’m so depressed.”, “FML”, “Damn […]

15 Signs Your Relationship Is Meant to Be


Do you ever question is this is the one? This list of 15 signs of relationships packed with love and longevity may help you answer the question. 1. You tell him/her things you don’t tell anyone else. When you start confiding your deepest desires, dreams, and secrets with that special someone in your life, instead […]

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