Stay-brella: An Umbrella That Knows How to Stand In Place


Umbrellas are an item you would think have hit the end of the innovation cycle. What else could possibly be changed? The designers at Nendo wondered the same thing, and then came up with a clever innovation. What is the most frustrating thing about your current umbrella, besides the wind? Finding a place to stand […]

Reusable Water Bottle You Can Twist Open In The Middle To Clean


Have you ever stopped and looked inside your current reusable drink or water bottle? It will probably scare you. Those black streaks may not be remnant of tea or coffee, that could be some nasty stuff growing inside your bottle. What are you supposed to do about that stink stuff when you cannot get the […]

Michelin’s Airless Tires Exist And Will Change Everything


Small sized airless tires have existed for years, but now airless technology is starting to grow up with the release of the Michelin X Tweel line. The X Tweel is an airless radial tire that is currently being released for skid steer loaders, zero turn mowers, and other industrial applications. So, why are we so […]

Tiffany Train Car Turns Commuting By Train Better Than First Class


Tiffany & Company are renowned for their creations of class and style. Picture what would happen if you unleashed their creative minds to create a railway car unlike any other. It has happened. Tiffany created a luscious railway car featuring a beautiful solid wood floor, golden framed windows, startling white walls, and overall grandeur. Can […]