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This Is Probably The Coolest Apartment You Will Find On AirBnB



KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has listed the biggest surprise on AirBnB to date. KLM parked an airplane at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and the proceeded to list it on AirBnB as an available apartment for the nights of November 28, 29, and 30. The airplane hotel, listed as “Spacious Airplane Apartment”, has two bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, wireless internet, and a panoramic view of the airport from the cockpit. KLM then proceeded to run a contest to giveaway those three nights. There were just a few strict rules the winners are being forced to abide by.

Rule 1 – Do not roast marshmallows with the jet turbines.

Rule 2 – Alcohol consumption is not allowed. (There goes christening your stay with a bottle of wine.)

Rule 3 – Don’t fly the airplane.  (I wonder if that means we can taxi around the runways?)

Rule 4 – Don’t use the inflatable slides. (But I was planning to bring my inflatable pool for some wild airplane inspired water sliding.)

Hopefully this fantastic idea spreads to other airlines and airports, but they might want to drop a few of those overbearing rules.






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