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Professional-Grade Bosse Ergonomic Shovels


As that time of year is quickly approaching it’s not all fun and games. Though playing in the snow with your kids is quite memorable, you still need to wake up 30 minutes earlier to shovel your frost-bitten snowed-in vehicle out of its tricky parallel parking spot on the street.

This year, instead of breaking your back invest a little extra money into a proper set of professional-grade ergonomic shovels by Bosse.  The Bosse shovels helps you work smarter and not harder as the brand likes to brag about and you know what? They are absolutely right! They definitely make the best Winter shovel on the market. Using their proprietary Handle-It Technology, simply click its 360 grip dials to a desired custom comfort angle. Doing this improves your digging power, lift and pitch by reducing stresses and strains from struggling with a not-so-sturdy shovel. The Bosse range of shovels are crafted with steel heads, fiberglass shafts and aluminum grip housings. They are ideal for the winter but are also fantastic to use in the summer for various gardening activities. The Bosse shovels come in four different variations: Round Point Shovel, Snow Shovel, Debris Scoop Shovel and Square Point Shovel. Whatever your needs may be, Bosse has your heavy lifting covered. [Purchase]