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Hidden Core in PlayStation 4 CPU Now Unlocked


If you are a gamer or own a PS4 you might have seen some interesting news making headlines the past couple of hours  about a hidden core in the PlayStation 4 CPU now being unlocked. For most people, it may not seem like much but for those of you more tech-savvy players, might mean some exciting news in the very near future.

So what does unlocking a hidden CPU mean for the future of the PlayStation gaming console? So here’s what it means. Upon launch, Sony’s flagship console had six of its eight CPU cores dedicated to gaming, while two of the cores were reserved for a smooth operating system experience and environment. According to developers for PS4 games, they have now been granted access to use a seventh core within the dual x86-64 quad-core CPUs, with the operating system only now needing and requiring one single core to operate smoothly.

Gamers won’t be noticing a difference as of yet but this news means the future of gaming will involve a smoother, faster and more beautiful gameplay with more power to work with for developers.  [via Engadget]