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Pure Luxury: BRIKK 24K Gold LUX Nikon Camera



BRIKK’s new LUX Nikon Camera is not going to help you shoot better pictures, but it will make you look like a million dollars. The Nikon DF camera and NIKKOR 14-24 F/2.8 LENS are finished in 24K gold. The gold is 4 to 5 microns thick and leaves the camera 100% functional. BRIKK did not stop with just making the camera sensational looking, they packaged it into a beautiful Haliburton camera case and added leather highlights to the camera and strap.

The camera is no longer warrantied by Nikon, but BRIKK does include a 1  year warranty on the camera. The 24K Gold LUX Nikon from BRIKK is priced at $41,395, but you better hurry. BRIKK is only building 77 of these exclusive cameras.

Brikk 24k Gold Nikon DF Camera



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