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Q-Jays Earphones


Currently, we are on a manhunt for the best earphones on the market. We have been scouring the web to try and find a pair that are small but ultra durable without compromising sound quality. The Q-Jays are the newest and probably smallest earbuds we have found. Without cutting any corners, these Sweden-built earbuds feature top quality craftsmanship and material.

Using advanced audio engineering, the Q-Jays provide you with exquisite sound performance, and are made out of solid steel to ensure durability. These impressive earbuds have two built-in speakers inside each one of them, one for low frequencies and the other one for mid-range and high ones, they also benefit of a low crossover filter and a seamless frequency response, correcting usual irregularities that may occur on other devices.

One of our favorite features, that is often overlooked, is the interchangeability of the cables. So whenever a cable brakes on your earphones, you have the ability to get a new one without having to replace the entire earbud unit. Full compatible with your iOS, Windows or Android devices. Priced at $400 USD, these earbuds are worth every penny in our opinion. [Purchase]