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Quirky Furniture That Would Make Alice in Wonderland Proud



Looking at the collections of Lila Jang is going to instantly transport your mind to furniture featured in Disney movies like Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, and all the other classics. This is not because Lila sets out to create Disney style furniture, but simply because her quirky fun style produces furniture with just as much magic as any from the Disney Studios. The drooping drawer on the desk looks amazingly like a long tongue sticking out. The over-sized stuffed arms of the easy chair look ready to suck you into their depths. The pair of French chairs appear to be dipping their head together to discuss some magical secrets we are not meant to hear.

Lila Jang’s furniture leaves us desperate to see more. Imagine the magical home you could create with furniture that tries to climb the walls and lamps magically floating in the air.






Via Demilked and Lux Art Institute