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Rain Bookshelf by Artem Zigert


rain bookshelf

What was Artem Zigert thinking when he designed this bookshelf? There are zero shelves. Now, look closer. The bookcase is designed to let you slide books in at any location with a slight tilt and they lock in place. The shelves provide a fascinating feature to your room with the flowing lines and the unusual design. You can join in the artistic fun started by Artem by placing books in patterns, varying colors, and playing.

The Rain Bookshelf by Artem Zigert is not available commercially, but we sure hope it is in the future. The bookcase is fun, functional, and elegant. You might have to put magazines in the bottom, but the freedom to put our books where we want, and to play with the design, is something we could fall in love with fast.



Via Artem Zigert