Rare Temperature Inversion Creates Magical River of Clouds Inside the Grand Canyon



Once or twice each year the Grand Canyon experiences a stunning event. The cool air from the bottom of the canyon rises to meet with warm moist air from above. This temperature inversion results in the canyon filling with cloudy fog, while the area above the canyon remains empty. Only once or twice in every 10 years does this event occur on a clear sunny day, and even more rarely does anyone capture the event. On November 29th photographers Ben Mayberry and Paul Lettieri captured this event in photographs, panoramic shots, and in a time lapse video that shows the beauty of the event. The clouds form and flow through the canyon’s rocky confines likes a magnificent river.

The images and videos captured on this day are amazing and humbling as once again nature proves she is the greatest artist on earth.


clouds grand canyon




Via Ben Mayberry on Flickr and Paul Lettieri on Vimeo