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Raw Studio Chess Set


Chess is a game of strategy, skill, patience and foresight. It is played by millions of people all over the world and is truly a challenge and a blast to play. If you are one to enjoy the game and take your current portable chess set on the road with you wherever you go or even simply play in parks or at a friends, this latest creation from Raw Studio will make your day.

Raw Studio’s latest portable chess set is compact, lightweight, stows away and looks so darn-gosh good too! This ideal travel chess set features 32 hand-polished stainless steel game pieces that stack neatly together in a cylindrical puzzle. The leather-made game board rolls up into a neat tube that allows you to stash all your chess pieces inside.

Ultra-portable, ultra-clever, incredibly genius and if you are into chess is worth the hefty price tag of USD $600! [Purchase]