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Recycled Belt Leather Flooring


Recycled Leather Belt Flooring

At first glance the room looks like a standard hardwood floor. Then you step on surface and notice the quiet soft feel. You look closer and notice tiny holes, the narrow width of the slats, and colour variations. You are not looking at a hardwood floor, instead you are looking at a floor made 100% from reclaimed leather belts. The belts are hand selected by the designer of the floor and then start through processing. They are cut to proper sizes, shaved it identical thickness, and clean the leather in preparation for gluing to the floor. The belts vary in design from fancy embossed leather patterns to smooth leather dress belts. This variation creates a floor with texture, depth, and beauty.

If you prefer the DIY path, you can buy the belt flooring in tiles for $75 per square foot.






Via Ting in London